Yes on 522’s New Ad: Consumers Union Strongly Recommends I-522

SEATTLE— Yes on 522 launched a new ad: Consumers Union “Strongly Recommends Yes on 522.” Showcased in the ad is Dr. Michael Hansen, Senior Scientist for Consumers Union. Dr Hansen remarks on why Consumers Union is supporting I-522 and emphasizes the initiative will not raise food prices.




Dr. Michael Hansen, Senior Scientist, Consumers Union: “Not sure who to believe about Initiative 522? I’m Dr. Michael Hansen of Consumers Union and policy arm of Consumer Reports.”

Dr. Michael Hansen: “For decades, we’ve fought for consumer rights and cut through the hype to give you unbiased, accurate information.

Dr. Michael Hansen: “After extensive research, we endorse 522 as the right choice for Washington consumers.

Dr. Michael Hansen: “It provides clear, useful information and should not raise food prices. 522 is well-written and makes sense.

Dr. Michael Hansen: “Consumers Union strongly recommends YES on 522.”

About Yes on 522: Yes on 522 provides Washington shoppers with more information about what’s in the food they buy so that they can make the best decisions for their families. More than 350,000 signatures were collected to get I-522 on the November 2013 ballot—second highest number of signatures gathered for an Initiative to the Legislature in state history.