Yes on 522 Projects Winning 49% Support Despite All-Time Low Turnout Eyes 2016 for Next Washington State Ballot Measure to Label GMO

National Movement Marches On: Americans Will Know if Foods Are GMO Just Like 64 Other Countries

SEATTLE – Spending more money than ever before spent in a Washington state ballot measure contest, out-of-state pesticide and junk food industries funded a campaign of lies that deceived Washington voters in this election, leaving consumers in the dark about what is in the groceries they are buying and eating.

2013 general election turnout is the lowest ever recorded, skewing older and more conservative, and away from younger, more progressive voters driving the GE labeling movement. These “off-year” election results depict how viable a Washington state GMO labeling ballot measure would be in a presidential election cycle with much higher, younger, and more progressive voter turnout. While it is unfortunate I-522 did not pass, it has set the stage for victory in 2016.

“Thank you to everyone who voted, volunteered, donated, and supported this effort,” said Trudy Bialic, co-chair for Yes on 522. “There was lower than expected voter turnout this year. Despite being outspent 3-to-1, we are projecting winning 49% of the vote. We are disappointed with the results, but the polling is clear that Washingtonians support labeling and believe they have a right to know. This fight isn’t over. We will be back in 2016 to challenge and defeat the out-of-state corporations standing in the way of our right to know.”