Stay Tuned for More Results on I-522

SEATTLE— With only one report of ballots on election night, Washington State voters will have to wait a few more days to learn the outcome for I-522.

Heading into Election Night, Yes on 522 led in the polls, despite being outspent 3-to-1. The campaign remains confident that a majority of Washington voters support labeling of genetically engineered foods, and optimistic about supporters getting out to vote in this off-year election.

“Thank you to everyone who voted, volunteered, donated, and supported this effort,” said Delana Jones, campaign manager for Yes on 522. “Due to Washington State’s vote-by-mail system, we don’t have a final tally of the votes tonight. Please stay tuned for more information in the following days. We’ll have regular evening updates as counties report voting results.”

Quick Facts on 522:

  • Washington will be the first state to implement labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods.
  • More than 353,000 Washingtonians signed to get this placed as an Initiative to the Legislature.
  • Yes on 522 has raised $7.8 million to date from over 15,000 donors. The majority of Yes on 522’s donors are from the state of Washington.

I-522′s implementation date is July 1, 2015, which gives food & seed manufacturers 18 months to start labeling.
64 other countries already label genetically engineered foods. The U.S. is one of the few industrialized countries that does not label GE foods.

Just like Alaska’s law to label GE seafood (it passed in 2005), I-522 would label GE salmon, which is highly likely to receive FDA approval later this year.