Grocery Manufacturers Association & No on 522 Getting Away With Breaking the Law & Buying This Election

SEATTLE— In disappointing news, Judge Chris Wickham ruled that, apparently, the Grocery Manufacturers Association doesn’t have to completely follow Washington state campaign finance disclosure law. Despite not having 10 individual in-state donors in their newly registered GMA against I-522 PAC, the new ruling lets GMA continue to break the law and buying this election.

“Once again the court system has failed to force the GMA and No on 522 campaign to follow the law. The AG and PDC must step in here and prevent these illegal funds from being spent and influencing the outcome of this election,” said Delana Jones, campaign manager for Yes on 522. “We are disappointed with the Judge’s decision. It is clear the GMA—the largest donor to the No on 522 campaign—broke the law. Not once but multiple times now. Since they were forced by the Attorney General to properly disclose their donors last week, it has become clear they didn’t have a single Washington donor. A PAC in Washington State must have at least 10 individual Washington donors and the GMA has none. Their donation of $7.2 million dollars is illegal and should be returned by the No on 522 campaign. As a campaign manager, it is my job to make sure our campaign is complying with state laws. It clear that the No campaign—and its biggest funder, the GMA—are not following our laws.

“The No campaign should come clean with Washingtonians and return the GMA’s illegal donations,” continued Delana Jones, “There’s $3.5 million dollars of the $10 million dollars in illicit funds left, no more should be spent by these big corporations to buy this election.”

RCW 42.17A.442: Contributions by political committees to political committees.

A political committee may make a contribution to another political committee only when the contributing political committee has received contributions of ten dollars or more each from at least ten persons registered to vote in Washington state.