Washington Toxics Coalition Endorses Yes on 522

Washington Toxics Coalition Endorses Yes on 522
Washingtonians should have the right to know what’s in their food

SEATTLE— The Washington Toxics Coalition announced today that it is supporting Yes on 522 – the campaign to label genetically engineered foods.

“Labeling genetically engineered foods is a common-sense solution that gives consumers the ability to make their own decisions. Today, we see that genetic engineering is changing farming in ways that impact all Washington families. I am especially concerned about the increased use of pesticides in growing genetically engineered crops, which was demonstrated in a WSU study published last year.” – Erika Schreder, Science Director, Washington Toxics Coalition

“We are excited to add the Washington Toxics Coalition to our broad coalition of support. Washingtonians want to make informed decisions about the food they are buying at the grocery store. Labeling genetically engineered foods allows consumers to have control over what they are buying and feeding their families.” –Delana Jones, Campaign Manager, Yes on 522