Washington Conservation Voters Endorses Yes on 522

SEATTLE, WA — Yes on 522 is happy to announce that it received the endorsement of Washington Conservation Voters today. Washington Conservation Voters is the state’s the political voice for Washington’s environmental community, advocating for strong environmental policies that safeguard the health of Washington’s communities.

“To help protect the well-being of our communities, we believe every Washingtonian should have access to the information they need to make an informed decisions about the food they are buying and feeding their families. Labeling genetically engineered foods allows our community members to make the best decisions for them and their families. ” – Brendon Cechovic, Washington Conservation Voters

“Yes on 522 is thrilled to add Washington Conservation Voters to our diverse coalition of Washington State Nurses Association, Washington Toxics Coalition and many others. WCV knows that label transparency helps consumers make informed choices when they are buying their groceries.” - Delana Jones, Campaign Manager, Yes on 522