The Wenatchee World: Letters From Readers

Jerry Pipitone wrote in a Letter to the Editor in The Wenatchee World:

In response to Tracy Warner’s assault on Initiative 522, the selective reasoning requires a rebuttal. Neglecting to mention that the defeat of the California initiative was by barely a few percent, after being outspent by tens of millions of corporate dollars, seems an obvious omission. I-522 makes no requirement of warning labels, or restricts any use of these ingredients, only mandating a basic tenet of food law accepted for almost 100 years, that consumers have a right to know what is in the foods they purchase for their families. As a food processor, I know that re-labeling is a frequent and ongoing function of the business, putting the lie to the labeling expense argument.

I would ask Tracy to name the new technology of the last century that didn’t spend vast sums to promote the virtues of that technology rather than spend vast sums to hide it. If the industry believes it to be so wonderful, why don’t they spend their abundant dollars to convince us? When somebody works so hard to keep information from the public, it is rarely in the public’s interest. The damages to our farmers and the environment are too numerous for this space, but please note the thousands of farmers sued and abused by Monsanto’s corporate bullying, many driven to bankruptcy by the technology’s habit of spreading, unwanted, onto neighbors’ farms, contaminating other crops. Washington wheat farmers are very worried about endangering their export business with this cross-contamination. Most major foreign buyers have a zero tolerance policy towards this genetic contamination of their food supply. I would ask people to look up Washington Initiative 522, and read it for themselves, to know the full truth of the issue. And Tracy might do the same. Thank You for your time.

Jerry Pipitone

Rock Island

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