The Spokesman-Review – Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to back I-522

The Spokesman-Review posts:

During a telephonic press conference arranged by the I-522 campaign, Greenfield said his company is moving away from genetically modified ingredients and he expects all of their ice cream products to be 100 percent free of genetically modified ingredients by 2014. It will start labelling its products as non-GMO at that time.

That might be a market advantage for people concerned about genetically modified ingredients, he said, but he couldn’t say if those food products were unhealthy. Labelling the products just gives consumers “a fundamental right to know.

Although some opponents of I-522 say it would be too expensive or complicated to locate and verify all the ingredients in their products, Ben & Jerry’s hasn’t found that to be true, he said.

“This can be done. It won’t materially affect the company’s profit margins,” he said.

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