Our Endorsers

Since our campaign to label genetically engineered foods in Washington state launched in April, hundreds of businesses and organizations from around the state and across the country have come together to say they support transparency in our food system.

The voices of these outstanding companies and organizations, together with thousands of grassroots supporters like you, will help to pass labeling of genetically engineered foods in November.

Yes on 522 is proud to have your support as well as the support of these companies and organizations. Our list of endorsers is growing more and more each day and you can see the full list on our website.

Consumers have the right to know important information about the food they eat and feed their families. Just like we know about sugar and sodium levels. Or whether flavors are natural or artificial. Or whether our fish is wild or farm-raised. It’s our right to know.

We are honored to have the help and support of so many businesses and organizations. Please visit our endorsement page and see who they are.

Yours truly,

Sen. Maralyn Chase

P.S. The list of companies and organizations who support Yes on 522 and transparency in our food system is always growing. Check back regularly to see who has added their name.