Nature’s Path Endorses Yes on 522

SEATTLE, WA — Nature’s Path, a Washington company with 200 employees in Blaine, endorsed the Yes on 522 campaign today.

“Nature’s Path feels that the potential danger from GMOs to the environment, human health and organic farmers and producers is too vast to ignore and has a strict non-GMO policy for all of our products and packaging, but even more than that, we believe in people’s basic right to know what’s in their food so they can make informed choices about what they feed their families,” said Arran Stephens, founder and CEO of Nature’s Path Organic Foods. “We feel Initiative 522 is critically important because it gives the citizens of Washington – not lobbyists, corporations or politicians – the opportunity to decide if they want the right to have their food labeled.”

“We are proud to have another Washington State company endorse Initiative 522,” said Delana Jones, campaign manager for Yes on 522. “Nature’s Path employs 200 Washingtonians and fully supports label transparency and a shopper’s right to know because they are proud of what’s in their food.”