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What people are saying about Yes on 522:

“To help protect the well-being of our communities, we believe every Washingtonian should have access to the information they need to make an informed decision about the food they are buying and feeding their families. Labeling genetically engineered foods allows our community members to make the best decisions for them and their families. ” – Brendon Cechovic, Washington Conservation Voters

“Study after study shows that genetically engineered crops use more pesticides. With the increase in pesticide use, farm worker’s health is at risk. They shouldn’t have to risk their health to grow our food. We are supporting Initiative 522 because it gives Washingtonians more information about what’s in the food they are buying and eating—and how it was grown.” - Erik Nicholson, National Vice President, United Farm Workers

“Labeling genetically engineered foods is a common-sense solution that gives consumers the ability to make their own decisions. Today, we see that genetic engineering is changing farming in ways that impact all Washington families. I am especially concerned about the increased use of pesticides in growing genetically engineered crops, which was demonstrated in a WSU study published last year.” - Erika Schreder, Science Director, Washington Toxics Coalition

“As health care professionals, Washington’s nurses want everyone to have information to make important decisions about their health. It is ’informed consent’. That’s why we support labeling of genetically engineered foods. The more information our patients and we have to better trace potential allergens, toxins and the food supply chain the better. This information allows our patients to make the best decisions for their health.” –Judy Huntington, MN, RN, Executive Director of Washington State Nurses Association

“Wary consumers say that if unlabeled GM salmon are allowed to go to market, they intend to stop buying salmon all together. This should be a clarion call to the wild salmon industry–and indeed all who care about wild salmon–to fight like hell for passage of I-522 and similar GMO labeling bills across the country. A strong and vibrant commercial fishing industry is wild salmon’s most passionate and vocal advocate.” - Randy Hartnell, retired salmon fisherman, Founder & President, Vital Choice


  • Amy's Kitchen
  • Annie's
  • Attune Foods
  • Back to Nature
  • Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
  • Brad's Raw Food
  • Ciao Bella
  • Clif Bar
  • Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps
  • Guayaki Yerba Mate
  • Mamma Chia
  • Marlene's Market
  • Mary's Gone Crackers
  • Nature's Path
  • PCC Natural Markets
  • Presence Marketing
  • UNFI_4C_logo_hires
    Rhythm Superfoods
  • Sophie's Kitchen
  • Stonyfield Organic
  • The Markets
  • Wallaby Organic
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Straus Family Creamery
  • Bill The Butcher
  • San-J
  • Theo Chocolate
  • Uncle Matt's Organic
  • Lundberg Family Farms
  • Good Karma Foods
  • Organicville Foods
  • Follow Your Heart
  • One Degree Organic Foods
  • Nutiva
  • Mom's Organic Market
  • Van's Natural Foods
  • Wildbrine
  • Yogi
  • SweetLeaf
  • Late July
  • Azure
  • Coconut Bliss
  • Hummingbird
  • RAAW Foods
  • Seasnax
  • Jimbos
  • Raw Revolution
  • Endangered Species Chocolate
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  • Mighty O
  • Aubrey
  • Chipotle
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  • Green Clean
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Activate Drinks
Aistiva Corporation
Albina City Nuts
Alexian Pate and Specialty Meats
Alfred Vogel
Almond Dream
Alpenfire Organic Hard Ciders
Alpine Lakes Sheep Creamery
Alter Eco
Amaltheia Organic Dairy, LLC
Ambrosial Organic Granola
Amy’s Kitchen
Anacortes Health & Nutrition
Annie’s Inc.
Arbor Health Center
Arrowhead Mills
Attune Foods
Aubrey Organics
Avalon Organics
Azure Standard
B&R Liquid Adventure, LLC
Baby’s Only Organic by Nature’s One
Back to Nature
Backyard Bees
The Bagelry
Bakery On Main
Barlean’s Organic Oils
Barney & Co California, LCC
Barney Butter
Beanfield Snacks
Beanitos, The Original Bean Chip
Bear Market
Beems Nutrition Chesterley
Ben & Jerry’s
Big Dipper Wax Works
Bill the Butcher
Biringer Farm Girl Coffee
Blossom Lopez
Blue Marble Brands
Blue Water Distilling
Boat Street Cafe
Bodyceuticals Calendula Skincare
Bon Appetit
Bodega Ontañon
Boulder Brands
Brad’s Raw Foods
Bragg Live Foods
Britt’s Pickles-Kansha Natural Foods
Cafe Juanita
Cafe Presse
Caffe Vita Coffee Roasting Company
California Olive Ranch
Camano Island Cereal Co.
Casaventura Imports, Inc.
Cascade Harvest Coalition
CB’s Nuts
Celestial Seasonings
Central Co-op
Certified Wild Food
Chaco Canyon Organic Café
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Ciao Bella
Ciao Thyme
Clif Bar
Coconut Bliss
Community Food Co-op
Compass Coffee Roasting
Conscious Box
Copper Hog
Crofter’s Organics
Crown Pacific Fine Foods
Crown Prince Inc.
CSI Sales Solutions
Cucina Antica/Monte Bene Pasta Sauces
Cupcake Royale
Davidson Commodities
De Dell Seeds
Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods
Dona Flora
Dynamic Presence
Eagle Song Health & Wellness
Earls on the Ave
Earthbound Farm Organic
Earth Balance
Earth Island
Earth Mamas and Dave Too
Earth Source Organics
Earth’s Best
Elliot Bay Cafe
Endangered Species Chocolate
Enjoy Life Foods
Environmental Working Group
Enzo’s Gallery Cafe
Equal Exchange
Essential Living Organics
Ethnic Gourmet
Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill
Fantastic World Foods
Fidalgo Bay Coffee Roasters
Field Day
The Field Roast Grain Meat Company
Finnriver Farm and Cidery
Firebird Chocolate & Coffee
Firefly Kitchens
Fitness to Go.
Follow Your Heart
Freggie’s Organics Delivery
Freeland Raw Foods
Fresh Food Revolution Co-op
Frey Vineyards
Frontier Natural Products Co-op
Full Circle
Gabriel Wilson Selections – SMALL PRODUCER WINES, LLC
Garden Mentors
Garden of Eatin’
Gayea’s Great Demos
GFA Brands, Inc.
GloryBee Foods
Goddess Garden
Golden Beetle
Good Earth Natural Foods
Good Karma Food Technologies
Gorge Delights Just Fruit
Grand Central Bakery
The Greek Gods
Green Chopsticks
Green Cleaning Seattle
Gretchen’s Grains Incorporated
Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate
Hail Merry Foods
Hain Celestial
Hain Pure Foods
Happy Family
Health Valley
Hearts of Wellness
Helen’s Kitchen
Hendrikus Organics
Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop
Hotel Ballard
Hummingbird Wholesale
I Love My Gluten Free Food
Intelligent Nutrients
Island Spring Organics
Jimbo’s… Naturally!
John Howie Steakhouse
Jonboy Caramels
Jovial Foods
Jubilee Natural Foods
Kalani Organica Coffees & Tea
Kitsap Clinic of Natural Medicine
Kombucha Wonder Drink
La Botega
La Spiga
Late July Organic Snacks
Le Pitchet
Lemon Grass Natural Foods
Les Fromageries Papillon
Lightlife Foods
Lilipoh Magazine
Lilliwaup Wood
Little Rae’s Bakery
Local Roots Farm
Lotus Foods
Lovitt Restaurant
Lundberg Family Farms
Lynne’s Whim
Main Street Market Coop
Mallard Ice Cream
Mama Chia
Mama Lil’s Peppers
Mangrove Action Project
Maninis Gluten Free
Maple Rock Farm
Marjorie Restaurant
The Mark
The Markets LLC
Marlene’s Natural Foods Market Deli
Mary’s Gone Crackers
Mediterranean Organics
Mediterranean Snacks
Mercola.com Health Resources LLC
Meyers Falls Market
Mi Shoes
Mighty-O Donuts
Mint Tea
Mitchell Lumber Co.
MOM’s Organic Market
Mother’s Cupboard Nutrition
MRM-USA Health Supplements
Mustard Seed Market
My Chi Delights
My Gluten Free Cafe
Naches Heights Vineyard & Winery
Nancy’s Yogurt
Napa Valley Naturals
The Narwhal
Natural Clothing Company
Natural Products Association NW
Natural Sea
Nature’s Best
Nature’s Path Organic Foods
Neighbors Markets
New Chapter
Northwest Wild Foods
Nut-Tritous Food
Oasis Sales and Marketing
One Degree Organic Foods
Oregon’s Wild Harvest
Organic Bistro
Organic Consumer Association
Organic Consumer Fund
Organic Foods Express, Inc
Organic Friendly Farms
Organic Prairie
Organic Valley
Organically Grown Company
Organicville Foods
Ozery Bakery Inc.
Paca Pride Guest Ranch
Pacific Coast Wasabi
Pacific Foods
Pacific Natural Sales, Inc.
The Pantry at Delancey
Park Slope Food Coop
Partners Crackers
PCC Natural Market
Pilates Studio of Bellingham
Plum Bistro
Popcorn Indiana
Port Gamble General Store
Port Townsend Food Co-op
Presence Marketing
Pure Bliss Desserts
Proletariat Wine Company
Punkin Center Farms
Pure Bliss Desserts
Pure Country Pork
Pure Eire Dairy
Quiet Light Candles
Quillisascut Cheese Co.
Quinn’s Pub
R&K Foods
Rainy Day Floral Distribution
Raw Foods International LLC
Raw Revolution
Restaurant Zoe
Rice Dream
Rising Moon
Rocky Ridge Ranch
Rudi’s Organic Bakery
Running Springs Ranch
Rythm Superfoods
Saffron Road Foods
Sambazon Amazon Superfoods
San J International Inc
San Juan Island Food Coop
Scratch and Peck Feeds
SeaAtco Seafood
Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar
Seth Ellis Chocolatier, LLC
Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates
Skagit Valley Food Co-op
Skout Natural Foods
Skydottir Epic Cookies
Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort
Slow Food
Small Changes
Small Planet Organics
Snoqualmie Ice Cream
Snoqualmie Valley Lamb
Some Like it Hott
Sophie’s Kitchen
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Soy Dream
Sparkle Plus
Specialty Frozen Food Distributing
Spectrum Essentials
Spectrum Naturals
Stone-Buhr Flour Company
Stonyfield Farm
Straus Family Creamery
Strawberry Moon Juice
Stumbling Goat Bistro
Sugar Mountain
Suja Juice
Sunergy Systems
SunRidge Farms
Sweet Creek Foods
Syncline Winery
Tacoma Food Co-op
Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op
Teecino Caffé
Terra Organica Health Food & Grocery Store
Terra Plata
Terra Preta Sales
Theo Chocolate
Thaiku Restaurant
Think Thin
Tom’s Bamboo
Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op
Tony’s Coffees & Teas, Inc.
Traditional Medicinals Wellness Teas
Treetop Acupuncture
TruSweets, LLC
Turtle Mountain LLC
Udi’s Food
Uncle Matt’s Organic, Inc.
Uneeda Burger
United Natural Foods Inc
Vancouver Food Cooperative
Van’s Natural Foods
Vessel Drinkware
Vibrant Roots
Wallaby Yogurt
Walnut Acres Organic
The Walrus & The Carpenter
Waterville Family Grocery
The Whale Wins
Whole Foods Market
Wholesome Sweeteners
Wild Planets Foods
Wilderness Poets Nut Butters & Superfoods
Wisdom Natural Brands
Woodstock Foods
Yelm Food Coop
Yummy Mummy Baking Company
Yves Veggie Cuisine
ZoJo Coffee

Fishing Families

  • Pike Place Fish Market
  • Vital Choice

Alchemist Seafoods
Blue North Fisheries
Cape George Seafoods
Christopher Fisheries Inc.
Eat Wild Fish
Excel Seafoods
Fairbanks Alaskan Fisheries
Fisher’s Choice Wild Salmon and Gifts
Fishing Vessel Owner’s Association
Icy Bay Fisheries
Inland Boatman’s Union – Puget Sound Region
Island Fresh Seafoods
Loki Fish Company
Lummi Island Wild
Matt’s Fresh Fish
Pacific Youth Sailing Foundation
Pike Place Fish
Puget Sound Harvester’s Association
Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition
Think Fish Vessel Management, LLC
Washington Dungeness Crab Fisherman’s Association
Washington Trollers Association
Whiz-Bang Fishers, Inc.
Wildfish Marketing
Vital Choice Wild Seafood and Organics

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  • Whistling Train Farm
  • Bluebird Grain Farms
  • Organic Valley Farms
  • Califia Farms
  • Gray Sky Farm
  • Kirsop Farm
  • JCF Farm
  • Nash
  • Growing Washington
  • Wood Prarie
  • Let Us Farm
  • Full Circle
  • Viva Farms
  • Aplenfire Cider
  • MRUF
  • SRFO
  • Jubilee Farms
  • Aspen Hollows
  • Green Valley
  • RHF

21 Acres
Abundant Acres
Abundantly Green
Alm Hill Gardens
Aplenfire Apples
Ananda Hills Farm
Ancestree Herbals
Andrew Winch (East County Road Creamery)
Annabessacook Farm
Apple Each Day
August Farm
Baird Orchards
Bair and Sons Inc.
Bellewood Acres
Birininger Farm
Bishop’s Dairy Farm
Bluebird Grain Farms
Blue Dog Farm
Boisfort Valley Farm
Bone Dry Ridge Farm
Bonker Farm
Bow Hill Blueberries
Bradley Farm
Bramble Rock Farm
Broken Bow Farm
Brookfield Farm
Bucking Boar Farm
Burnt Ridge Farm
Califia Farms
Calliope Farm
Cedarville Farms
Cherry Valley Dairy
Chickadee Farm
Chimacum Valley Dairy
Chinook Farms
Circle Farm
Cliffside Orchards
Cloud Dancer Farm
Cloud View Eco Farms
Colony Creek Farm
Common Ground Farm
Cornerstone Farms
Corona Farm
Daybreak Farm & Fungi
Dee Creek Farm
Dharma Ridge Farm
Downriver Orchard
Dune Lakes Flower Farm
Earth Family Bee Farm
Edgerton Family Farm
Far Reaches Farm
The Farm on 277th
Farmgate Organics
Farmhouse Organics
A Farm in Sammamish Valley
Field Of Greens
Finnriver Farm & Cidery
Flicker Farms
Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy
Friendly Haven Rise Farm
Full Circle
Grace Harbor Farms
Grass Kickin’ Farm
Gray Sky Farm
Green Bow Farm
Green Garden Spot
Green Valley Organics
Grouse Mountain Farm
Growing Things Farms
Growing Washington
Happy Lil’ Homestead
Heart of the Highlands Herbs & Seeds
Helsing Junction Farm
Heyday Farm
Hobbs Farm
Hopewell Farm
Inspiration Plantation
Johnson Berry Farm
Jones Creek Farm
Jubilee Farm
The King’s Garden
Kirsop Farm
Klesick Family Farms
Kowitz Farms
Lakeview Organics
Larkhaven Farmstead Sheep Cheeses
Lazy R Ranch
Let Us Farm
Little Eorthe Farm
Local Roots Farms
Maha Farm and Forest
McAtees Farm
Meadowlark Farm
Midori Farm
Mill Creek Farmstead
Moonlight Farm
Moon Rabbit Urban Farms
Mother Natures Organics
Mystery Bay Farm
Mysty Meadows
Nash’s Organic Produce
Newaukum Valley Farms
Northwest Organic Farms
Oatsplanter Farm
Organic Valley Farms
Osprey Hill Farm
Pacific Crest Farm
Phocas Farms
Pipitone Farms
Pride and Joy Dairy
Pure Country Pork
Pure Eire Dairy
Quillisascut Farms
Rabbit Field Farm
Rabbit Hill Farm
Rainbow Chicken Ranches
Ralph’s Greenhouse
Redwood Hill Farm
Red Dog Farm
Rising River Farm
Rocky Ridge Ranch
Roll Organic Farms
Scented Acres Lavender Farms
Seasonal Goodness
Seed Dreams
Serendipity Farm
Shambala Farm and Nursery
Short’s Family Farm
Smallwood Farms
Snoqualmie Valley Lamb
Soaring Swallow Farm
Solstice Farm
Son Rise Ranch
Spring Rain Farm and Orchard
Stranger Creek Farm
Sumas River Farm
Sunny Pine Farm
SunRidge Farms
Sunseed Farm
Tahoma Farms
Timken Farm
Twin Brook Creamery
Twisp River Organic Apples
Valley Rock Farm
Viva Farms
Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network
Well Fed Farms
Whistling Trains Farm
White Sheep Farm
Wild Sage Bistro
Willie Green’s Farm
Wobbly Cart
Wood Prairie
Zion Beef


  • Center for Food Safety
  • Institute for Responsible Technology
  • Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Washington Conservation Voters
  • Washington State Nurses Association
  • Washington Toxics Coalition
  • Fuse
  • Food & Water Watch
  • Locavore
  • Sustainable Connections
  • Faith Action Network
  • WashPIRG
  • Nash
  • United Farm Workers
  • PCC Farmland Trust
  • Credo
  • NTA
  • Seattle Tilth
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • OCA
  • pnhpww
  • FDN
  • FOE_logo
  • Wslclogo-color
  • JCFM
  • 46
  • TTG
  • Sierra Club
  • 117
  • GreenPeace
  • Farm aid

1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11h, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st, 42nd, 33rd, 44th, 45th, 46th, and 48th LD Democrats
The Alliance for Democracy
Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association
Biosafety Alliance
Buy Local Clark County
Center for Food Safety
Chinook Book Seattle
Clark County Democrats
Colville Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation
Community to Community
Conservation Northwest
Consumers Union
Credo Action
Environmental Working Group
Faith Action Network
Farm Aid
Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance
Food and Water Watch
Food Democracy Now!
Friends Committee on Washington Public Policy
Friends of the Earth
GMO-Free San Juan County
Good Food World
Grant County Democrats
Grays Harbor County Democrats
Green America
Green Party of Snohomish County
Healthcare Professionals for a Safe & Healthy Sustainable Food Supply
IAM Local 2202
ILWU Puget Sound Regional Council
Institute for Responsible Technology
Jefferson County Democrats
Jefferson County Farmers Market Association
Just Label It
King County Democrats
Kitsap County Democrats
Kittitas County Democratss
Lewis County Democrats
Lopez Locavores
Mangrove Action Project
Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle
National Young Farmers Association
Natural Products Association Northwest
Non-GMO Project
Nutritional Therapy Association
Pacific County Democrats
Pacific Youth Sailing Foundation
Palouse Environmental Sustainability Coalition
PCC Farmland Trust
Pend Oreille County Democrats
Pesticide Action Network
Pierce County Democrats
Puget Sound Harvesters Association
Occupy Bellingham
Organic Consumers Association
Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association
Quimper Grange 720
San Juan Island Grange #966
Seattle Tilth
Sierra Club, Washington State Chapter
Skagit County Democrats
Slow Food Land and Sea
Snohomish County Democrats
Spokane County Democrats
Sustainable Capitol Hill
Sustainable Connections
Teamsters Local Union No. 117
Teens Turning Green
Tilth Producers of Washington
United Farm Workers
United National Products Association
UW Young Democrats
Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Washington Conservation Voters
Washington East Asian Medicine Association
Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
Washington State Council of Fire Fighters
Washington State Farmers Market Association
Washington State Labor Council
Washington State Nurses Association
Washington State Senior Citizens Lobby
Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network
Washington Toxics Coalition
Washington Young Farmers Coalition
Western Washington Physicians for a National Health Program
Whatcom County Democrats
Whatcom County Women’s Democratic Club
Whatcom County Young Democrats

Elected Officials

Maralyn Chase, State Senator, 32nd LD (D) (campaign co-chair)
Cary Condotta, State Representative, 12th LD (R) (campaign co-chair)
Dow Constantine, King County Executive (D)
Dwight Pelz, Chair, Washington State Democrats (D)
Luke Esser, Former Chair, Washington State Republican Party
Mark Mullett, State Senator, 5th LD (D)
Jeanne Kohl-Welles, State Senator, 36th LD (D)
Kevin Ranker, State Senator, 40th LD (D)
Bob Hasegawa, State Senator, 11th LD (D)
Sharon Nelson, State Senator, 34th LD (D)
Ed Murray, State Senator, 43rd LD
Paull Shin, State Senator, 21st LD (D)
Jim Moeller, State Representative, 49th LD (D)
Ruth Kagi, State Representative, 32nd LD (D)
Larry Seaquist, State Representative, 26th LD (D)
Sharon Tomiko Santos, State Representative, 37th LD (D)
Joe Fitzgibbon, State Representative, 34th LD (D)
Marko Liias, State Representative, 21st LD (D)
Cindy Ryu, State Representative, 32nd LD (D)
Luis Moscoso, State Representative, 1st LD (D)
Gerry Pollet, State Representative, 46th LD (D)
Roger Freeman, State Representative, 30th LD (D)
David Sawyer, State Representative, 29th LD (D)
Bill Finkbeiner, Former State Senator, 45th LD (R) (former Majority Leader)
Brendan Williams, Former State Representative, 22nd LD (D)
Joe McDermott, King County Council
Steve Stuart, Clark County Commissioner (D)
Jim McCune, Pierce County Council (R)
Lloyd Hara, King County Assessor
Mike McGinn, Mayor of Seattle
Sally Clark, President, Seattle City Council
Richard Conlin, Seattle City Council
Nick Licata, Seattle City Council
Tom Rasmussen, Seattle City Council
Tim Burgess, Seattle City Council
Bruce Harrell, Seattle City Council
Mike O’Brien, Seattle City Council
Sally Bagshaw, Seattle City Council
Tim Leavitt, Mayor of Vancouver
Ben Stuckart, Spokane City Council President
Mike Fagan, Spokane City Council
Randy Corman, President, Renton City Council
Marty Campbell, Deputy Mayor of Tacoma
Ryan Mello, Tacoma City Council
Derrick Skaug, Pullman City Council
Nathan Weller, Pullman City Council
Jon Culp, Okanogan City Council
Martin Moore, Parks and Recreation Commissioner City of Federal Way