Nat Stratton-Clarke

Restaurant: Café Flora

Why I Support Labeling of GMO Food:   Café Flora is rooted in the belief that our community should be nourished by fresh, local food. Education and knowing what goes in to the foods and products we eat and feed our families should be a right, not a privilege. We are proud to support I-522 and the labeling of genetically modified foods, and we hope our guests will join us in the effort to make this a reality for all Washington residents.


Enjoy seven specially prepared small plates at seven different Capitol Hill restaurants on Thursday, October 3rd.  Purchase your passport to Dine Out for 522 on Capitol Hill.  Then bring along your restaurant passport, your ID, and your friends as you hop from restaurant to restaurant on Capitol Hill to enjoy different small plates and discuss the importance of labeling genetically engineered foods!

October 3, 2013 from 5pm-10pm
Passport: $50


For more information, please email