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Yes on 522 Projects Winning 49% Support Despite All-Time Low Turnout Eyes 2016 for Next Washington State Ballot Measure to Label GMO

National Movement Marches On: Americans Will Know if Foods Are GMO Just Like 64 Other Countries

SEATTLE – Spending more money than ever before spent in a Washington state ballot measure contest, out-of-state pesticide and junk food industries funded a campaign of lies that deceived Washington voters in this election, leaving consumers in the dark about what is in the groceries they are buying and eating. Read More »

I-522 Update: Hundreds of Thousands of Votes Still To Be Counted

SEATTLE— There are too many votes that have not been counted for this race to be called. Hundreds of thousands of votes have yet to be counted. Additionally, Washington Secretary of State is currently reporting that over 300,000 votes still have to be counted. KOMO News 4 in Seattle even noted that there were more votes to be counted and results are not yet final.

“This race is not over yet,” said Delana Jones, Campaign Manager for Yes on 522. “Due to Washington State’s vote-by-mail system, there are hundreds of thousands of votes still to be counted. Please stay tuned. More results will be available after 6pm Pacific.”

Quick Facts on 522:

  • Washington will be the first state to implement labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods.
  • More than 353,000 Washingtonians signed to get this placed as an Initiative to the Legislature.
  • Yes on 522 has raised $7.8 million to date from over 15,000 donors. The majority of Yes on 522’s donors are from the state of Washington.
  • I-522′s implementation date is July 1, 2015, which gives food & seed manufacturers 18 months to start labeling.
  • 64 other countries already label genetically engineered foods. The U.S. is one of the few industrialized countries that does not label GE foods.
  • Just like Alaska’s law to label GE seafood (it passed in 2005), I-522 would label GE salmon, which is highly likely to receive FDA approval later this year.

Stay Tuned for More Results on I-522

SEATTLE— With only one report of ballots on election night, Washington State voters will have to wait a few more days to learn the outcome for I-522. Read More »

Grocery Manufacturers Association & No on 522 Getting Away With Breaking the Law & Buying This Election

SEATTLE— In disappointing news, Judge Chris Wickham ruled that, apparently, the Grocery Manufacturers Association doesn’t have to completely follow Washington state campaign finance disclosure law. Despite not having 10 individual in-state donors in their newly registered GMA against I-522 PAC, the new ruling lets GMA continue to break the law and buying this election. Read More »

Yes on 522’s New Ad: Consumers Union Strongly Recommends I-522

SEATTLE— Yes on 522 launched a new ad: Consumers Union “Strongly Recommends Yes on 522.” Showcased in the ad is Dr. Michael Hansen, Senior Scientist for Consumers Union. Dr Hansen remarks on why Consumers Union is supporting I-522 and emphasizes the initiative will not raise food prices. Read More »

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson Charges No on I-522 With Hiding Its Donors

SEATTLE— Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson has charged opponents of I-522 with hiding millions of dollars in campaign contributions by not properly disclosing their donors. The out-of-state corporations who oppose labeling of genetically engineered foods not only want to deny our right to know what’s in the food we eat, they also want to hide who’s funding their campaign. Read More »

Initiative 522’s Legislative Sponsors Fact Check No on 522

SEATTLE— Initiative 522’s legislative sponsors, Senator Maralyn Chase (D-32) and Representative Cary Condotta (R-12), released a video today fact checking the No on 522’s claim that I-522 would label pet food and not meat that people eat. Sen. Chase and Rep. Condotta make it clear that I-522 is about labeling food that people eat, not pet food. Read More »

Yes on 522’s Airs First Television Ads

SEATTLE — Yes on 522, the Washington state campaign to label genetically engineered foods releases its first ads of the fall campaign season. Thousands of Washington farmers, fishers, parents, businesses and citizens have come together to support labeling of genetically engineered foods. These television ads showcase that I-522 is all about giving shoppers a right to know what’s in the food they are buying and feeding their families. Read More »

Hundreds of Businesses Come Together to Support Yes on 522

SEATTLE– Small and large businesses came together this afternoon to show support for Washington ballot measure Initiative 522–the measure to give grocery shoppers more information about the groceries they are buying and eating. Below is a recap of what each Yes on 522 supporter stated about I-522 and why their companies are supporting I-522:
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Businesses for Initiative 522 with Ben & Jerry’s Jerry Greenfield

Business leaders gather in support of labeling genetically engineered food


What: Businesses for Initiative 522
Business leaders gather to share why they are support Yes on 522 and labeling genetically engineered food.
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